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Twice is Nice

Twice is Nice, Southport

3519 Post Road, Southport

This consignment store caught my eye the first time I blew by it in my minivan on Post Road. It’s situated on an odd corner and I typically drive by it too quickly to brake without causing a five car pile-up and, as you can see above, it falls short of warranting that kind of pain and suffering.

But the other day I found myself cruising along with a rare spare moment and unusually light traffic. So when I found myself careening past the store, I slammed on the brakes, hooked a U, and screamed into the parking lot with nary a police car in sight. (Note to law enforcement officials: It never happened. I have nothing but the utmost respect for traffic safety.)

Anyhoo, the tiny lot was packed and I practically had to grease the sides of my ride to squeeze into a parking spot. The store was packed, too, with gobs of gew-gaw and gaggles of gabbing women. Most were buying something, be it a $24 wood-framed mirror or an armload of Lilly Pulitzer sundresses at $16-22 a pop.

Robin’s note: In a fit of breathless hysteria, I snapped up a ~$450 Tracy Feith sundress for only $16. Then I got home and noticed the atom-sized lettering on the label “for Target.” Bluh.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Local women, ages 30-65.

Their specialty: Clothes for women, men, and children.

What you should buy: I saw a Ralph Lauren girl’s dress for $4, a Lilly girl’s dress for $12, a pair of never-worn BCBG Girl pink pumps for $16, and a brand new $248 Tahari blouse—with tags—for $34. I also admired a set of 4 upholstered bar seats, good condition, for $180.

What you may not know but should: All items are discounted 50% after 30 days and items not sold after 60 days are donated to charity.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 • PermalinkConsignment    Fashion    Fairfield    
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