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Swap Shop

Swap Shop, Darien

The Darien Dump, 126 Ledge Road, Darien

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, depending on how loosely you define the term. If you “treasure” TV sets that may or may not work, you’ll be as happy as an alley cat at Nobu. I did find a few things, such as a white wood crib, a child’s bicycle seat, a complete Encyclopedia set and “The Divorce Handbook.” All needed minor repairs and a hose-down but, shoot, they’re free. If you live in Darien.

Robin’s note: The term “swap” is loosely defined, as well. About a half dozen residents routinely troll the shop and sell the stuff at yard sales. Others show up with small stacks of VHS/Beta tapes and “swap” them for a dresser. One man took a set of silverware later valued at $1,000.

Their specialty: Books and televisions.

What you should take: Furniture for dorms or au pair rooms. Oh, and anything really valuable.

What you may not know but should:
  1. You can post “items wanted” on a bulletin board inside the shop.
  2. The Swap Shop does not “accept” anything broken, cracked, stained, or damaged… umm… yeah.
  3. We’re sorry, but the large, ugly collection of refrigerators and air conditioners isn’t for the taking.
  4. Swap Shoppers must be Darien residents and have a trash permit.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011 • PermalinkConsignment    Home + Garden    Darien    
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