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The Beehive


1561 Post Road, Fairfield

The only problem with The Beehive is that it’s perfect. The store is airy and inviting, the gifts are lovely (and useful!) with a sense of humor, and the owners Sarah and Chris are manifestations of a J. Crew catalog. Even their rescue dog is purebred - not the wacky amalgams* most of us adopt.

None of this is a problem per se but, typically, gift stores carry a few items at which we can roll our eyes or buy as joke presents. That’s not happening here.

Tasteful items range from Allegra Hicks throw pillows to Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers, Loren Hope necklaces to charming stationary. The children’s gifts are deliciously whimsical, though geared more toward a hip mom than an actual toddler. But who cares. Better to keep the mom happy if she’s dealing with toddlers.

Robin’s note: Ironically, I’m not a huge fan of blogs. Especially those on store sites which I find to be a bit pandering. But their blog is (surprise!) really good. I found myself wanting most of their suggested gift items.

Price points are kept low for “guilt-free” shopping - for those of you who’ve ever felt guilty about it. And once you’ve purchased gifts for yourself and all the party-throwers in your life, you can wrap them in gorgeous paper and ribbons, also for sale. So your OCD friends will love it, too.

Their specialty: Quirky stationary, statement jewelry, kitchen and serving ware, fun dog accessories, toddler toys.

What you should buy: Any of it.

What you may not know but should:
  - The owner’s husband, Chris, is a Westport native
  - The “Found My Animal” leashes and accessories raise money for dog adoption awareness
  - The store, months old, is already on the short list for Best of the Gold Coast.
  - Every so often, usually around holidays, they offer champagne and/or discounts.


*We love our mutt. Regardless of whatever breed(s) he is.

Monday, March 24, 2014 • PermalinkEntertainment    Home + Garden    Fairfield    
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