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Project Return


124 Compo Road North, Westport

Ah, springtime. The weather warms, the crocuses pop, and tin birds that seemed to have sprung from a Blue Meanies and Yo Gabba Gabba cross-mating experiment lurk on random roadways. Yes, they appear (most) every March to herald the Annual Project Return Birdhouse Auction. And the cause makes those freaky creatures worth tolerating.

Who they are: Since 1986, Project Return has housed troubled adolescent girls. “Girls who are victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse as well as those who suffer from eating disorders, depression, homelessness and other traumas make Project Return their temporary home.”

What they do: “7 girls at a time live in this family-like atmosphere. In the process of mending broken spirits, our teens regain a sense of their own power to change their lives for the better.” (website) Girls receive the education and attention they need to empower themselves and mend their lives. They receive counseling, drug screening, educational and hospital services, DBT skills training, 12-step area meetings for addiction, special education if needed, cultural enrichment, and much more.

Donors and events: Sponsors include numerous high-profile businesses and individuals in and around Fairfield County. Their major events include a Fall Harvest, golf tournament, and the birdhouse auction.

What you may not know but should: Project Return is always looking for people to help teach the girls special skills. If you’re a knitter, seamstress, photographer, dancer, or excel at anything you think they’d like, consider sharing your time and expertise with them. Also, please contact them if you’re interested in submitting a birdhouse to the auction. http://www.projectreturn.org (203) 222-8129

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