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JoyRide Indoor Cycling Studio

Photo by Julianne Mulvey

25 Old Kings Highway North, Darien
1200 Post Road E, Westport
62 Danbury Road, Ridgefield

I love JoyRide.

Robin’s Note: Before JoyRide, I couldn’t stand indoor cycling. Spin classes at my cheap gym left me cold: humid concrete room, extended remix of “Rocking the Casbah,” and sweaty male bodies inches from my face. The instructor invites us to “crank up the resistance to 10 while you feel the stress of your day leave your body.” Sure enough, the stress of my day leaves my body and is replaced by the stress of sensory torment, sore muscles, and claustrophobia.

So on my list of “things I want to do,” JoyRide hovered between “cage-free swim with sharks” and “charity surrogate for sextuplets.”

In short, I wasn’t their target market.

But despite these obstacles, JoyRide has made a spinner of me! The spin room is spacious and blessedly well-ventilated, and the music selection is well-balanced, upbeat, and energetic. While each instructor has his/her own style, they all tease a hard-core work out of everyone by managing expectations, focusing on fun, and inspiring cyclists to, literally, burn their b*tts off.

Who you’ll see spinning here: Women and men ages 35-55 from Westport, Darien, Ridgefield, and surrounding towns, primarily. Good looking crowd. Nice cars.

What you may not know but should:
  - Rides cost $27 each, but you can whittle the cost down by buying packages of 10 or more, or checking sites such as Livingsocial.com and Groupon for rare special discounts.

  - They also offer exceptional Pilate, JoySculpt, JoyCircuit and other classes. Check out their website for more information.

  -  Joy attire - from sports leggings to sweatshirts - are wildly popular and only available at the studios. Rumor has it, last Halloween a man dressed as a Fairfield County housewife in head-to-toe JoyWear.

  - JoyRide is founded and run by three women. Go, Grrrlpower!!


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