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Java Coffee & Café


44 Church Lane, Westport

I have observed, with a certain dark interest, the rise and fall of several eateries on this random bit of real estate, tucked around the corner from the Y and a touch inconvenient for Main St. consumers. Then, like a knight in shining armor, Java struck its sword into this plot of commercial property and out popped a great cafe.

Java - based in Idaho - is hip, colorful, and boasts excellent coffee. The service is prompt and friendly and they even keep a large dispenser of ice water and lemons by the door so you don’t have to lighten your wallet for bottled water. Awwww.

Holy cow, it’s healthy. The salads are rife with kale, quinoa abounds, and fresh salad accompanies almost everything. For cross-fitters and über-moms, there’s Paleo banana bread. For the rest of us, there are organic sweets and baked snacks. Soon it’ll have a wine, beer & limited liquor license.

It has an outdoor patio for eating al fresco, overlooking the lovely grounds of Christ & Holy Trinity. So the health benefits of your meal won’t be offset by the inhalation of traffic toxins.

Robin’s note: During one of my three visits in four days, I sat on the patio with friends. We happily agreed that hanging out there felt “just like being on Friends!” Which both dates us and divulges our communal belief that sitcoms are real and present a life to which we all aspire. So… there’s that.

Their specialty: “Bowl of Soul”: combination of coffee, espresso, and Mexican hot chocolate made from Ibarra chocolate (freshly ground on site) and served in a ceramic bowl with whipped cream and cinnamon. Salads, hummus, and steam-scrambled eggs, Dirty Hippi burrito. And coffee.

What you should order: Coffee or the kale and feta salad. And everything else. It all tastes great (Paleo-anything being a tiny exception) and it’s not all super-healthy, so there’s something for everyone.

What you may not know but should:
• According to one employee, “We’ll figure out how to make anything you want.”
• They invited a pre-school class in for a hot chocolate tasting. So who knows what else they’ll do for our community?
• Flowerpots of plastic flowers with a fistful of coffee beans grace most tables. That’s more of a cautionary than an informative tidbit.
• There are lots of power sources on the counters - they bill themselves as an “internet café”.

Friday, May 02, 2014 • PermalinkDining    Bars + Baristas    Westport    
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