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Green Demolitions


15 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich
19 Willard Road, Norwalk

At first blush, it seems like a typical success story: suicidal drug addict recovers, makes a wad of cash, sells used kitchens. But wait – “used kitchens”?

Who they are: Founder and President Steve Feldman is a drug addict survivor. He began selling used, overstock, and showroom kitchens and appliances in 2005 to give back to All Addicts Anonymous (AAA), the program that saved his life, through Recovery Unlimited. To date, he owns 4 Green Demolition stores in 3 states and hires 37 people, 35% of who are recovered addicts or family members of recovering addicts.

What they do: In addition to kitchen cabinets and appliances, GD sells objects for the entire house: lamps, toilets, sinks, furniture, candlesticks, etc. Pretty much any decent donated item. But mostly kitchens and appliances.

How to donate: If you wish to donate, they’ll send over a truck to pack up your old kitchen, etc. and haul it to the nearest GD store. You don’t have to pay a dime in disposal or moving costs and you get a tax deduction and you get a warm fuzzy.

The good stuff they sell: They do a brisk business with Christian Clive cabinetry and Viking stoves. Their new “Luxury Room” and “Gold Mine” boasts pewter and silver plate accessories, Tibetan rugs, “finer” furniture and that ilk. And if you want a Viking stove, don’t buy it retail: GD gets a bunch of them. But it’s hit or miss, so be prepared to come back regularly to find what you want.

The deals: Crazy deals. Rumor has a Christian Clive kitchen worth $150,000 sold for $40,000. Kitchens (well, partial kitchens) sell for as little has $1,500! The best deal I found was a bidet for $10. But… it’s a used bidet, so… don’t get too excited.

Where does the money go? In addition to the maintenance and running of GD store sites, proceeds go to All Addicts Anonymous. AAA was established in 1964 and includes a 77-acre meeting and retreat 77-acre facility. It provides a series of AAA meetings, one-on-one sponsorship, and special events. The center is located in Hankins, NY.

What you may not know but should: Their comprehensive website, http://www.greendemolitions.com, is updated weekly and offers photos and pricing of almost everything in their stores.

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