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Graze(Click to enlarge)

So this goat farmer walks into my house…

That could be the beginning of a great joke or a bad porn flick. But it’s neither. It’s actually true. He comes to my home on Monday mornings and delivers fresh milk, eggs, chef-prepared meals, and other organic treats directly from artisanal farms in Vermont. And the price? No more than what you’d pay at Whole Foods.

Graze, the brainchild of Christy Colasurdo, a Westport mom and former New York magazine editor along with husband, Doug, and Vermont friends Julianna and Steve (a former CFO of Heineken Americas. Yes, male readers: beer) allows Fairfield County-ers to enjoy delicious farm-to-table foods to which they would otherwise have little or no access (farmers aren’t necessarily great marketers and, to be fair, vice-versa).

Chef Neil whips up a weekly menu of prepared foods, including a soup, adult dinner, kids dinner, grain salad, vegetarian alternative, tea bread, cheese, and much more. His meals and soups are beautifully prepared from local ingredients (Misty Knoll chicken, grass-fed angus beef, freshly picked vegetables) and are surprisingly, and refreshingly, well-seasoned (whoever decided that organic meals must be low-sodium should be locked into a room of hungry pre-schoolers. And their moms.)

Christy tells me, “We have taken great pains to make sure every ingredient we use and every product we sell is not only delicious and nutritious and wholesome, but also sustainably and humanely produced. (We) work with small farmers who know and love their animals and treat them with respect.

“Our third-generation dairy farmers, for instance, know all their cows by name and treat them like royalty, making sure that they get out in the fresh air and sunshine to wander and graze freely. At night, the cows sleep in clean and cushy hay beds, and they feed them the finest natural grains raised right on their pastoral acreage.” And, shoot, those happy cows, like everything else they sell, taste really good.

Who shops here: Westport moms.

Their specialty: They select the best of everything from the farms, including steakhouse quality steaks, prize-winning cheeses, and seasonal produce.

What you should buy: I loved their Papas Carnes and my kids gobbled up the pasta with chicken. The Zucchini Cheddar bisque, thick with cream and cheddar, is so wrong it’s right, as is their Chicken Chili, which contains no oil or dairy.

What you may not know but should:
  - July 4 special! Order goodies for Independence Day and receive a FREE HOMEMADE PIE. Mmm!
  - They’re happy to accommodate special dietary requests, such as vegan and gluten-free, and they sell a gluten-free special. A woman’s vegan daughter loved their mac & cheese, but demurred when she learned it contained chicken stock. After a quick chat with Chef Neil, he made a special batch with veggie stock.
  - The site is fresh off its beta run, so expect some glitches. If you have any issues, their customer service team is very helpful and eager to ensure you have a good experience. As well, they’d love to hear your suggestions and comments.

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