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Glen Leroux Antiques

Glen Leroux Antiques, Westport

56 Riverside Avenue, Westport

Curiously and solitarily perched on a stretch of street devoid of comparable establishments, GLA is a tidy, beautiful shop specializing in mid-century modern American and French antiques.

Every gorgeous piece, from furniture to jewelry, is meticulously organized and surprisingly dust-free (a detail readily apparent to mothers and gay men). His jewelry collection lavishly fills two glass cases: one full of real (Tiffany, Cartier), one full of costume. The costume baubles, especially, are exquisite.

All of his furniture are designer pieces, including Jens Risom and Herman Miller, as are his chandeliers (with one glittery exception).

Glen, the proprietor, is a charming, delightful man, eager to talk antiques, answer questions, and measure chandeliers. Most inventory moves quickly, as he shows around the country 12 times a year. However, don’t get all excited about super deals and discounts unless, of course, you consider an $8,000 chandelier an exciting offer. If you do, you’ve come to the right place: he’s happy to negotiate.

I spent half my time physically restraining my 3-year old daughter (and her lollipop) from climbing on shelves and furniture and, though he kept one terrified eye on her, he plastered a smile on his face and pretended to be charmed with her antics. I know I’m an annoying customer – any mom with young kids is (even if your kids wear designer clothing and sing to strangers, ladies) – so I appreciated his patience.

Robin’s note: Glen is not a “designer” per se, but has offered his decorative eye to special clients, even procuring and selling rugs at trade discounts.

His specialty: Furniture and object d’art.

What you should buy: Jewelry and elegant chandeliers.

What you may not know buy should: Well, there is one deal: his Lalique collection includes a mix of old and contemporary pieces. He sells the new pieces “at least half off regular price.” So if you’re in the market…

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