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Fund for Women and Girls


Last August, Jennifer Aniston assured women everywhere that we don’t need men to have babies. Okay, aside from piffling matters like the biology of human reproduction and male role models, she kind of has a point. I mean, a women pulling in her kind of coin can replace a father with a fleet of nannies, a night nurse, a maid, a vegan chef, and todder wardrobe full of designer clothing.

But, sadly, the lights on Hollywood Boulevard seem to have blinded her from reality. First, she has no children and, therefore, no clue what she’s talking about. Second, most single moms do need help: that’s where a baby daddy comes in pretty handy. And if he isn’t around, and money is tight, then they need someone – and I’m not referring to a casting director or personal assistant.

That’s where the Fund for Women and Girls comes in handy.

Who they are: “Established in 1998 by women for women, the Fund for Women and Girls is a permanent Field of Interest fund of the Fairfield County Community Foundation… (and) has become the largest women’s fund in New England.”

What they do: “In 2007, the Fund published the first research study on the status of women and girls in Fairfield County… Our research confirmed what was expected… too many women are living at the poverty level because of limited education, low-paying jobs and the high cost of child care.

Since the Fund’s establishment, it has awarded $1.4 million in grants to Fairfield County nonprofits that address the unique needs of women and girls. Our investments and collaborations aim to

create long-term social change to:

  - Increase women’s earning potential by helping them get education and training so they can move up into higher-paying jobs.
  - Prepare adolescent girls for their futures so they are educated and trained for tomorrow’s job market
  - Foster social change so all low-wage women in Fairfield County can achieve economic security.”

Their newest initiative: “The Fund for Women and Girls has embarked on a new grant-making focus to improve the economic security of low-wage women with dependents.
Over the next five years, the Family Economic Security Program will provide 100 qualified students at Norwalk Community College with the personal, financial and career coaching they need to earn an Associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree and enter careers that allow them to support themselves and their families.

In addition, over these same five years, an additional 1,000 qualified students will receive similar yet reduced support, including referrals for employment, benefits, and academic counseling and assistance. They can also access workshops on achievement, careers, and personal finances.”

How you can help: Contribute to a “Designated Fund” through Fairfield County Community Foundation.

All quotes from website.

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