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Detox Diet Diary

Detox Diet

Below is the diary I kept while on Susan Mudd’s 21-day “Detox Diet”.

Day 1
11:50 - Miserable. I’ve had three bananas and hot lemon water. Having difficulty expanding my health food repertoire.

7:03 PM – The more I think about it, I realize I felt pretty good before and I may not need to detox.

7:33 PM – Looking forward to my glass of wine and fistful of organic oreos. Then remember I can’t have either.

7:34 PM – Maybe I’ll have the wine anyway.

7:35 PM – Not sure what it says about me if I can’t go three weeks without refined sugar and alcohol. And all of my other favorite food groups.

10:30 PM – Really happy to go to bed.

Day 2
9:30 AM – Not having my beloved coffee is tough, but I’m digging hot lemon water with a pinch of cayenne.

10:00 AM – Sooooooo tired.

8:00 PM – My husband and I have pounding headaches. I’m told it’s a common reaction. Not sure if it’s allowed, but we’re taking Tylenol. Living a clean life without some kind of medication isn’t an option.

Day 3
Feeling healthy. I’m learning how to cook because no one sells gluten-free, dairy-free, tomato-free frozen pizza (arguably too niche). My husband discovered a great line of healthy snacks at Whole Foods—“Two Moms in the Raw.” It delicious as far as raw seeds go. 

A friend asked if the diet produced a “fleet enema effect.” Classy question. Answer: no. But I imagine it might to someone who ate cheeseburgers everyday.

Day 6
Once I recover from the initial shock of waking up, I feel pretty good—much more energy and not as annoyed about not being asleep.

It’s not bad actually, but only with the knowledge I can retox in about two weeks. Truth is, I’m feeling pretty smug.

Day 7
Upon hearing I can’t have cocktails, one woman asked if I was “getting the shakes.” So let’s clear up any confusion: I’m not a recovering alcoholic, I’m on a detox diet.

Day 8
I had to wake up with my kids 5 times last night and I realized I have far more patience than I did before and am surprisingly awake this morning. Good thing, because this is the tough week: 3 shakes a day, little fruit, no animal or fish, and tons of water. Fun.

Day 9
Went to Stew Leonard’s this morning. Biiiiig mistake. I was sucker-punched by the scent of fresh coffee and fresh cookies and nearly slipped on my own drool.

Day 11
Is it only Day 11? I thought I was further along.

Day 12
I’m more energetic, calmer, more patient with my kids, and the dark circles forming beneath my eyes are diminished. Still, eliminating foods makes one better appreciate the joy of a good meal and a stiff drink.

Day 13
Made dinner plans to celebrate the end of my detox diet and wondering what it’ll do to my system.

Day 14
The Big Storm. My friend’s power was out, so she brought her son’s birthday party to our house - complete with popcorn chicken, dry roasted peanuts, and chocolate cake. My husband and I ate lightly sautéed asparagus and water while they feasted on cheese, crackers, and wine. Good times.

Day 15

Day 16
I’m getting bored. But I’m learning how to cook.

Day 17
The thing is, I feel terrific. My mood has improved, my complexion is clear, my nails are growing longer and stronger and, as I mentioned before, I have far more patience. After this “cleansing” is over, I’m going to continue eating healthy - maybe even vegan - and limit myself to cocktails on Saturdays only and give up coffee entirely.


Day 18

Day 19
End in sight. I’m getting antsy. I find myself fantasizing about what I’m going to eat when this is over.

Day 20
Wow. I’ve been cooking a lot and, honestly, I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Day 21
YAAAYYYY!!! It’s the last day of the diet, but we’re cutting it short a few hours and eating out tonight with friends. I’m almost giddy, I’m so excited! The last hours before dinner seem to be dragging.

Day 22
We went to Blackstone Steakhouse (see review). Had a great meal, but… not a great idea. SO tired. I’m actually looking forward to eating healthy today. Damn. Did I just write that? 

In sum, it’s a tough diet, but I’m very happy I did it. It’s nice to know I still have self-discipline and we both learned a lot about food and how it impacts our lives. I’d strongly recommend it to anyone - it’s a good challenge for all the right reasons. But I’m never doing it again.

The End.

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