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Designer Label Consignment

Designer Label Consignment

1344 Post Road East, Westport

Despite what the past few store write-ups may lead one to believe, my goal in life is not to troll the county for vintage clothing stores. But given the economy and my penchant for high-end designer clothing I can’t afford, it seems like a pretty good idea right now.

Which leads me to this place. I’ve driven by it a million times and it was only when I had to bring my car in for repairs (in the attached strip mall) that I decided to pop in. The first thing I spotted was a cotton Pucci dress for $95 and I cried out to the manager, “I’ve never been in before but I’m so excited I’m finally here!” She… didn’t share my enthusiasm and I stood there smiling like a mentally challenged golden retriever. A gorgeous pair of embroidered Manolos for $110 and a Stella McCartney dress for $45 heightened my solitary utopia, as did the $35 Marni top, Stella shorts, and Etro silk blouse.

Seeing a Chico’s cardigan broke my heart (please people: stop abusing the hard-won “Designer” appellation!), but a nearby row of Akris suits for $175 and a St. John suit for $110 were the threads that mended the fickle little muscle of mine back together.

Robin’s note: As I strode toward the dressing rooms with my bonanza, the manager stopped me and whispered of the elderly man occupying one of the two rooms, “Wait until he leaves. He’s very sweet, but the curtains separating the rooms are sheer and he likes to peek.” THANK YOU, SALES MANAGER.

Who you’ll see shopping here: That guy mentioned above, and women 45 years and older – which is why the “younger” selection is small but fabulous.

Their specialty: Business suits cut for women 50+, casual separates,

What you should buy: Designer shoes, Pucci and Hermes scarves at amazing prices, and silk blouses.

What you may not know but should:
  1. The Pucci looked ridiculous on me, like a nutty nurse’s uniform, but I loved the $85 silk scarf.
  2. Beware the faux accessories, “Tiffany-style” and “Prada-style”.
  3. No real men’s section to speak of, but a few pieces and a row of bathing suits.

Monday, January 13, 2014 • PermalinkConsignment    Fashion    Westport    
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