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J. Crew

J. Crew, Westport

126 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
24 Elm Street, New Canaan
145 Main Street, Westport

Hey, guys – J. Crew! Ever heard of it? Of course you have. And if you haven’t, you need to put down your paint-by-number of The Last Supper, straighten your bolo tie, and leave your house for the first time in 15 years.

Begun by two men who peddled discount women’s apparel door-to-door, J. Crew earned a solid reputation as a “classic” casual wear catalog retailer in 1983, the heyday of catalog shopping. The sharp increase in postage and paper forced them to re-think their strategy, leading to their first store opening at South Street Seaport in 1989.

Today, over 200 J. Crew boutiques dot our landscape, clogging Fairfield County closets with cashmere sweaters, ruffled blouses, and pants crawling with embroidered sea creatures.

Robin’s note: I may be cursed by the gods of capitalist consumerism for writing this: everything in this store goes on sale. Everything. But you have to follow the sales in-store and on-line to take advantage of it.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Every red-blooded women in the county under 65.

Their specialty: Cashmere and khakis.

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Anthropologie, Westport

1365 Post Road East, Westport
480 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich

Typically, I’m not one to root for the national retail chain, but Anthropologie is an exception. The store is colorful and spacious with an eclectic mix of styles and fun-to-wear apparel.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Women from high school through menopause who want to be comfortable, eclectic, and sometimes a little sexy.

Their specialty: Anything corporate is pushing. Typically, separates with loads of pattern, color, texture, wraps, and ruffles—all at once.

What you should buy: Girly/sophisticated day dresses and whimsical loungewear. Great ruffled cardigans, too, if you’re not already sick of ruffled cardigans.

What you may not know but should:
  1. Their nightgowns make cute sundresses.
  2. I’m saddened to recently note, however, the cheesifcation of the quality of their apparel.

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National Cristina Foundation

500 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich

Robin’s note: In 1984, David Bruce McMahan donated a used Apple 2e computer to his daughter Cristina’s special-needs classroom. After seeing the enormous impact this “obsolete” hardware had on the social and educational development of the children, he partnered with Dr. Yvette Marrin and created this foundation to collect and distribute much-needed used technology. To date, computers donated through NCF have helped millions of people around the world.

Who they are: “The National Cristina Foundation provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk and economically disadvantaged persons the opportunity, through training, to lead more independent and productive lives.” (website)

What they provide: Donated computers and technology (from individuals and corporations) to charities, schools, and public agencies in the U.S. and other countries.

How to donate: The foundation accepts used laptops, desktop computers, software, peripherals, and other items. Log onto http://www.cristina.org for requirements and donation instructions.

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Second Time Around

Second Time Around, Westport

6 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
135 Post Road East, Westport

This is a consignment store with a cushy downtown location. You don’t have to drive to a weird strip mall or exert any kind of shopping energy other than just, like, going there. Which gives ones shopping excursion a lovely continuity. But wait - there’s more. The Westport store has an events calendar so busy it’s amazing they have time to sell clothes. But they do. So many, in fact, most high-end designer pieces bypass the floor and go straight to “Wish List” customers. So you have to exert all your conserved energy putting your name on a Wish List. Don’t complain: it’s worth it.

Although STA is a chain, its inventory reflects the town in which it resides, with samplings of almost every designer from neighboring stores. The cache includes the girly triumvirate Milly, Nanette Lepore, and Cynthia Steffe (Lucy’s), Lilly Pulitzer (Splash of Pink), Theory (Mitchell’s), J. Crew, Talbot’s, BCBG.. you get the idea. The store is tightly managed, with tear-outs of outfit suggestions and “Selecting an Outfit to Flatter Your Skin Tone” articles in the dressing rooms.

Accessories include Prada and Gucci handbags, Manolos and Sigerson Morrison sandals. A small men’s section (from Robert’s) is in the waaayyy back, along with a clearance rack from which I purchased a Nieves Lavi dress for $43 (regularly $300-400.)

Special discounts are offered almost daily and painstakingly reported on Facebook and Twitter (making me realize the extent to which the rr.com Facebook page is lame.) The store regularly hosts charity functions and showcases rising clothing and jewelry designers, such as Renee du Mar and Polly Akers.

Robin’s note: Alex McCord of Housewives attended the Westport opening last year, which is so cringe-inducing it makes my feet sweat.

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98 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich

If you like lizards on your clothes, you’ll love this store.

Robin’s note: I suspect their fit model is a pre-pubescent teenager.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Teens to mid-40s looking for casual clothes.

Their specialty: Polo shirts.

What you should buy: Easy casual dresses.

What you may not know but should: Lacoste (named after tennis champion René Lacoste) is the first label to put the brand name—or, in this case, emblem—on the outside of their garments.

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Scoop, Greenwich

283 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich

The clothes are amazing, fashion-fast-forward. But they hang “cheap” tees next to the $381 tee. That’s “tee” as in t-shirt. $381. It almost gave me a heart attack on the way to the dressing room.

Robin’s note: While the garments run the gamut, most of them are better suited for photo shoots than “Back to School” night with the kids.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Women 20-50 who love super-trendy designer clothing.

Their specialty: Matthew Williamson dress and skinny jeans with a fur vest.

What you should buy: Spring for the faux fur vest.

What you may not know but should: Their private label “FREE CITY” line (sweats/tees) is booming.

Fashion     Greenwich    

Cote D’azur

Cote d'Azur, Greenwich

375 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich

Located on the tail end of the avenue, this boutique’s left wall is lined with dark tones, brilliant hues popping on the right. The edited selection features lesser-known designers and a beautiful sampling of Erickson Beamon baubles.

Robin’s note: The saleswomen are lovely, but finding sizes doesn’t appear to be a favored job responsibility. 

Who you’ll see shopping here: Women who summer in Nantucket, winter in West Palm, and have grown frightfully weary of Lily P.

Their specialty: Simple, sophisticated day-to-night dresses.

What you should buy: Luscious colored sweater and EB bracelet to go with it.

What you may not know but should: There’s a 50% off sale rack tucked in the waaaaayyy back of the store.

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Alice + Olivia

Alice & Olivia, Greenwich

371 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich

This spare store carries the “sleek and chic” A+O collection and limited accessories.

Robin’s note: If you like the current collection, you’ll like the store.

Who’ll you’ll see shopping here: Women from 20 to 40 who grace countless semi-casual parties and functions in tight clothes.

Their specialty: Typically edgy party clothes.

What you should buy: Anything that doesn’t make it look like you’re trying to look like your teenage daughter.

What you may not know but should:
  1. They sell hard-to-find (and surprisingly affordable) necklaces designed by Stacey Bendet, A+O’s founding designer,
  2. A new kid’s line! If you think $70 for a child’s t-shirt is steep then, well, you’re right. But it is cute.

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Ella Vickers

Ella Vickers, Greenwich

85 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich

Henri Bendel named her recycled sailcloth bags a top ten “must-have” of this summer, and they were featured in Town & Country and In Style. Of special note, I let my subscription to T&C lapse years ago, after an editorial apotheosized Gwyneth Paltrow for purchasing her diamond Oscar jewelry instead of borrowing it. I realized I no longer shared their values.

But that has nothing to do with Ella. This slip of a store is dripping with EV’s bright white/bold graphic totes, handbags, dog beds, and throw pillows. All are made from used yacht sails, so all are waterproof, tear-proof, and pretty much indestructible. As well, the details—from cord handles to hardware enclosures—are from sailboat leftovers. Most are white with blue, red, or yellow numbers and graphics. The totes are beautifully made, striking, and appropriate for women or men. For real.

Robin’s note: There’s a mylar “cocktail purse” if you need something dressier than a tote bag, but still want it recycled from sailcloth.

Who you’ll see shopping here: Women 20-65 years old, and some teens.

Their specialty: Tote and gym bags.

What you should buy: Tote, gym bag, Spinnaker shower curtains, and placemats.

What you may not know but should: If the sails on your yacht are a bit mussed and in need of replacement, you can “donate” the old ones to EV in exchange for free bags.


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Fairfield Community Foundation

FCF Logo


As many of you know, at least those who scroll beyond “Bars” and “Look Good,” this site includes write-ups of local charities and foundations. Why? Three reasons: 1) it’s amazing how many wonderful opportunities exist for giving, 2) it’s alarming how few of the 2,243+ organizations we’re actually aware, and 3) researching them independently is as tedious as cleaning Vaseline off your carpet with toilet paper and baby shampoo.

The FCF understands this and was created to make giving a lot of easier.

What they do: The FCF helps you “select those [organizations] that match your charitable passions and provide well-run programs that achieve results…. [and] help local nonprofits operate at peak efficiency so they get the most good out of every dollar. You can also join other like-minded donors to engage in collective giving.”

Who they are: FCF’s leadership is composed of local community and business leaders.

Where your money goes: To ensure money is used most effectively, grants focus on 6 areas –
  - Education and Youth Development
  - Economic Opportunity (including affordable housing, workforce development, and immigrant success)
  - Health and Human Services
  - Arts and Culture/Arts Education
  - The Environment/Environmental Education
  - Nonprofit Capacity Building

Click to read the rest ... "Fairfield Community Foundation"

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