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163 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich
48 Post Road East, Westport

These stores are beautiful but, honestly, I’ve only ever seen one other person inside of them. When I walked in I half expected them to offer me a pineapple or beg for news from the outside world.

I’m not sure who is their target market, but Joie (“zhwah”) is a popular brand so someone must be buying their threads. Pretty much everything in the store is an article of clothing you already have in your closet, but made with more expensive fabric. So fabric-wise it’s fabulous, but the Guggenheim isn’t salivating for a retrospective.

The company started in 2001 in Southern California with a hip line of cargo pants in different fabrics. Super-skinny, but super cool. The cargos did well, so they began creating a “lifestyle brand” of everything BUT cargos. Hmm…

Regardless, it’s refreshing to know you don’t have to go far to buy a $249 silk tank top. It’s what separates Fairfield County from, like, almost every other county in the entire world. So let’s all take a moment to appreciate where we live.

Robin’s note: And speaking of emaciated, their skinny jeans should be sold with a free “Flopsy Ate My Dinner” t-shirt.  An injudicious sales person informed a friend of mine that the jeans “wouldn’t fit her body shape,” which, while possibly true, still makes one’s trigger finger twitch. To be fair, the saleswoman (girl?) in Westport was kind and helpful when I was in the store, and courteously helped a borderline-sociopathic woman with the return of a sale item.

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Friday, August 29, 2014 • Permalink